Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hotels - Lodging

This is an area that I will not be much of a reference for other fellow travelers simply because I will be using my frequent guest points to stay for free in 3 locations, which I believe is not the case for most of you... Add to that the fact that I have a brother and a friend living there...

Anyway, in my previous post, I added links to a couple of economic hotel chains that I plan to use in my trip. They are the Super hotel and the Toyoko inn hotel. I don't expect much from these places in terms of amenities but they are cheaper compared to the other options that I found in my research.

In Japan, you will find another lodging option called Ryokan. They are inns that are supposed to give you the opportunity of experiencing a true Japanese atmosphere. I am planning to stay one night in one of these Ryokans but have not made my mind yet. In my case, I will have the "added-value" of sleeping on the tatami which is supposed to be good for my back (when you start worrying about these things, it tells you are not that young anymore...).

But come backing to my initial subject, I will be staying at the Hilton in Tokyo (both of them - In the beginning of the trip and then on the very last night). Also, I will be staying at the Westin Miyako Kyoto. They are supposed to be top notch hotels. Not that I care that much. As long as I have a clean bed and a hot shower, I am happy camper, but since I am traveling with my family, I figured they will enjoy the "royal treatment" (at least once in while).

Except at the ryokans, it looks like Internet access will be an easy thing to find. So I hope I will have the discipline and the energy to post my daily activities here.

Only 3 days to start the journey. Have not even started packing yet. Need to worry about our pet gold fish, scheduling bill payments, holding mail... All that fun stuff.

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